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Leveraging Cancer Nanotherapeutics toward Cardiovascular & Chronic Lung Diseases

Over the past 20 years, nanoparticle-based platforms have made enormous strides toward improving pharmacokinetics and reducing adverse side effects of chemotherapeutics. The aggressive and widespread application of nanomedicine platforms toward chemotherapy is owed principally to the presence of impaired vasculature, resulting in heightened accumulation in tumor tissues. Our recent work has demonstrated that enhanced permeability of nanoparticles into diseased tissues as a result of endothelial dysfunction also occurs in several cardiovascular diseases. These observations have opened avenues for the translation of our varied nanotechnology platforms for systemic drug and gene delivery towards heart failure, atherosclerosis, and pulmonary arterial  hypertension. In addition, our findings highlight the advantages of locally-delivered nanotherapeutics for sustained drug release into cardiac tissue.

Friday, August 2 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Houston Methodist Research Institute, Ernest H. Cockrell Boardroom (R2-311)
6670 Bertner Avenue

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Department & Center
Department of Nanomedicine, Institute for Academic Medicine

Elvin Blanco, PhD, Assistant Research Professor of Nanomedicine, Department of Nanomedicine, Houston Methodist

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